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Welcome to The Future & You!


Here you will find education and support regarding the world's quickly changing financial landscape. I offer a private group to empower women, but I also coach men.


If you are not familiar with the following, I would encourage you to lean in, and begin to educate yourself on the direction we are moving:

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Centralized vs Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

  • ISO20022

  • Central Bank Digital Currency: CBDC

  • FedNow 

  • And much, much more...

Knowledge is power. Do your own research, and be willing to step out of line.

Consultations are available as well as a Private Telegram Group for Women to support the journey. 

Upcoming Events

Schedule a Personal Session


15 Minute FREE Consult - what to expect

Schedule a 15 minute FREE consult to briefly explore what the World of Cryptocurrencies are all about.


Private 30-Minute Consultation and Coaching Session with a $63 contribution

Schedule a 30-minute to discuss any question you may have regarding an exchange, platform, wallet or coin that you are wanting to perhaps acquire and add to your portfolio. This session is great when you have clarity as to what you are needing. 


Private 60-Minute Consultation and Coaching Session

with a $108 contribution

Schedule a 60-minute session to discuss subjects that you are needing assistance with in regard to market understanding, exchange, coins, etc. This is an excellent way for me to assist help assist you in getting your trading environment organized and easy to access on your phone and desktop computer. 

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