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Welcome to The Future & You!

Cryptocurrency Telegram Group Membership for Women

$11 per month compensation

PRIVATE SESSIONS are available without joining The Future Telegram Group. See details below. 

Here, in this space, we will explore the precipice of change that the world is facing as it relates to the Decentralization of the World's Banks and what this means for you.

It is my goal to act as your guide. To share what it is I know in a safe and supported space for harnessing the energy of The Future and becoming our own sovereign banks. The time is now to Master the Dragon so that we can continue to take our work out into the world and be of service. The goal here is not about acquiring mass amounts of wealth. It is to empower you, the divine feminine to break the chains of a system that no longer serves our highest and best good so that we can continue to be the change we wish to see in the world.

The following is an example of the guidance you will receive in this group:

  • Access to the Private Telegram Group: The Future

  • Access to booking one-on-one sessions (see below - available without joining The Future Group)

    • Sessions are available to book without participation in membership
  • Details and steps on how to get started easily, while being supported

  • Updates on current news and relevant market information regarding the blockchain consciousness

  • Group interaction and encouragement shared with the support and weaving of spirit

  • Recommended crypto storage wallets and best practices

  • Recommended crypto platforms and VPN's

  • How to follow crypto pricing and chart analysis

  • How to set up an Excel or Google spreadsheet to track your portfolio with Live Data Feeds

  • Monthly group call on the first Friday of every month at 9am pst

Your compensation to The Future & You may be canceled at any time, with each cycle of billing being 30 days. Cancellation requests should be emailed to info@new72media.comDISCLAIMER: new72media nor Kelli Lair are financial advisors. Information is shared with you for information purposes only. It is at your discretion that you choose to buy and or sell any coins in the cryptocurrency markets. Through this group, new72media and Kelli Lair are working in collaboration with The Northern Gateway.

Steps and what to expect:

Once you register for The Future & You Telegram Group Membership you will be redirected to another page, where you find access to the link to join the Telegram group as well as a link to register for a 30-minute personal introductory consultation!

Schedule a Personal Session


15 Minute FREE Consult - what to expect

Schedule a 15 minute FREE consult to briefly explore what the World of Cryptocurrencies are all about.


Private 30-Minute Consultation and Coaching Session with a $63 contribution

Schedule a 30-minute to discuss any question you may have regarding an exchange, platform, wallet or coin that you are wanting to perhaps acquire and add to your portfolio. This session is great when you have clarity as to what you are needing. 


Private 60-Minute Consultation and Coaching Session

with a $108 contribution

Schedule a 60-minute session to discuss subjects that you are needing assistance with in regard to market understanding, exchange, coins, etc. This is an excellent way for me to assist help assist you in getting your trading environment organized and easy to access on your phone and desktop computer. 

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