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Terms & Conditions

new72media has held numerous events and helped publish a number of books over the years. Our connection is strong with our Authors, the collective and the threads of fate. 

If you are receiving any communication, it is because you have been associated with us via one of our events, are members of our collective, or have been involved with our sponsored works through print efforts or online.

Our mission is to empower, connect, support, and the highest of frequency. If you receive any communication via this channel, please unsubscribe. Blessings are always sent on the winds.

The fractals contained with in are the highest of frequency and Universal Law. We believe in you, us and the harmonics of WE. We embrace the power of our voices, the importance of truth, the gift of compassion, the potency of prayer, and the unconditional love of Grace.

Be well, cosmic friends.

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