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I value your voice and the power of your words to express your creativity as it relates to your mission. My goal is to provide you with the assistance you need to bring your voice to the world.


My services include website build-outs, product and process development, platform implementation, and overall brand and media creationg. So whether you are just beginning the birthing process of your vision, or are ready to launch - I would be honored to assist.


Website Design, Support & Branding


Kelli Lair

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Kelli Lair's genius is that of a creative, visionary and forward-thinker. She has the ability to pull ideas and concepts out of thin air, and the tenacity and drive to bring the visions into this reality. Having over 20 years of work experience in the corporate world (program implementation and management) and over 15 years of experience running her own businesses, her expertise ranges from concept interpretation, to process analysis and implementation and brand development and design. Kelli is adept in understanding the moving parts of running a business and passionate about helping people find their bliss, and creatively building a brand to share with the world. Her soul’s mission is to provide platforms and guidance that encourage others to step into their truth. She is a mother of two, loves boxers, and the expansiveness of having a daily silent practice.

Website Development
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