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ePub - ROAR! by Cinda Stevens Lonsway, Illustrated by Manon Doyle

“When any woman, any mother suffers, we all do."


Every night when the author, Cinda Stevens Lonsway went to bed, she hoped for inspiration. Every night she chanted the words, she felt the words, she fell asleep to the words branded in my thoughts. Every night she wanted to scream out, so the world could hear them too: “WHEN ANY WOMAN SUFFERS, ANY MOTHER SUFFERS…WE ALL DO!”


“Do you feel it? Do you feel it?”


The single whisper combined with other voices…women’s voices. She heard them. She felt them. They were coming to life. They were giving me a message. They were demanding…demanding that their message be given a voice. The message grew and expanded until it was too big, too much for her to keep inside. She sprang out of bed, rushed downstairs and with determination to keep up, she wrote.


A few minutes later, she set the pen aside, picked up the paper and read. Cinda read words that she didn’t remember writing. She read words that were so powerful they made her weep. She read the words of a thousand plus women coming together, roaring to save each other, their families and their planet. She read the message given to her from Mother Earth.


She titled it ROAR!

ePub - ROAR! by Cinda Stevens Lonsway, Illustrated by Manon Doyle

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  • ePub

    ​Publisher: new72publishing

    Publication date: January 2019

    ISBN: 978-1-946054-10-4


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