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Jewel and the Missing Key to the Vault of Souls
by Sharon Loeff

Trade Paperback

ePub | Mobi | PDF

Publisher: new72publishing

Publication date: October 2017

Pages: 250 | Size: 6x9 | Print Type: B/W

ISBN: 978-1-946054-06-7 | eBook ISBN: 978-1-946054-07-4

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The truth is always better than myth. Jewel experiences the myth of a foretold event in an adventure that crosses worlds and timelines but leads to new knowledge for her heart. 

          The kingdom of the Fae coexists with the human realm and there exist portals where, on occasion, each may cross into the world of the other. Jewel and the Missing Key to the Vault of Souls is about a teenaged fairy princess who wakes on her 16th birthday to learn a burglary occurred overnight in the castle. This is also the day her wings appear. That same afternoon, she endures a surprising, terrifying passage through a portal to Earth. It is her fortune to befriend Samantha, a human who just got her driver’s license. Samantha convinces her mother that Jewel is an exchange student who needs a host family. When Jewel meets Ethan at school, the mystery of how she’ll get back through the portal meets the delight of a crush. Everything reveals when Jewel meets a key adult on Earth who is also of the Fae…and he’s evil.

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