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Knotted Up
Ecstatic Poetry
by Francine Oprescu

Trade Paperback

ePub |

Publisher: Francine Oprescu

Publication date: October 27, 2021

"See my runes, feel my message. All you have to do is call, to speak up and I will answer...."

~ Jeremy R.J. White

          Shaman Jeremy White learned how to open doorways between the worlds of seen and unseen using rune stones and stories. This book is Jeremy's tale of how the magic and mystery of the Elder Futhark Rune stones lifted the veil of the unseen. Through the runes, dreams, stories and travel, Jeremy discovered the shaman sleeping deep within who was ready to wake. His personal interpretation of the runes will unlock doorways for you, too that will lead to greater self-awareness. Let the runes inspire you to take a magic quest of your own.

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