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new72media's goal is to inspire others to reach new levels of healing, creativity, and purpose in the world.

  • Our desire is to connect, co-create and collaborate worldwide with individuals whose energetic frequencies align and aide in raising the vibrational frequency of the world. 

  • Our intention is to collaborate with a Global collective composed of individuals who honor the frequencies and vibrations of integrity, respect, honesty, healing, and trust. 

  • Our purpose is to help you help heal the world.

What does new72 mean? The number 7 resonates with spiritual personal gifts and expertise. The number 2 represents partnership and trust. The sum of 7 and 2 equals 9—one’s Divine soul purpose and fulfillment of a desired mission. The number 72 combines the message, messenger and mission to make a new, better world.

Here you will find access points to possibilities, that can help illuminate the road to a brighter future.


Let us inspire you to live your best life, full of purpose, clarity, and hope. Let us help you help heal the world because together, we can do great things!


Who We Are

At our core, we are women who are driven to delve deeper into the layers of our existence, spiritually. We understand the importance for us all to FIRST heal ourselves so that we can in turn, collectively, take our healed self out into the world as beacons of light and hope for others.

We believe in you, us and the harmonics of WE, We embrace the power of our voices, the importance of truth, the gift of compassion, the potency of prayer and the unconditional love of Grace.

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CEO ~ Visionary Leader


Mission, Vision, & Spiritual Advisor


New WAY-ve Marketer

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