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Days of Grace

with Cinda Stevens Lonsway

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Seven Days, Seven Weeks, Seven Rituals

It is time to introduce the consciousness called Grace to the Collective!

Astrologically the next seven years are predicted to be tough. As the planet and her people are adjusting to the necessary changes, things might get uncomfortable. To help balance out the scritcy scratchy emotions that are sure to rise, there needs to be a grounding, yet elevated energy that others are projecting out into the world.

The world needs those who are willing and ready to become the Light Carriers, Axis Balancers, Peace Keepers, Instantaneous Healers, Energy Transformers, Divine Love Spreaders.... to accept Grace’s call.


This is me listening to that call and sharing what I’ve learned from and about this Divine Feminine power called Grace.


We will work together to bring heaven down to earth.

Over the span of 7 days, spread out through 7 weeks, each day offering one of 7 rituals to engage and activate your 7 Grace centers. All sessions are held over Zoom.

  • Session One: Introduction to the Entity called Grace; What is the Ladder of Ascension? (Group Session)

I will share the stories which led me to know and work with this entity called Grace. To prepare for your own relationship with this Divine energy, each must ascend to a higher frequency. The Ladder of Ascension helps make sense of our personal ascension journey. The intention of 7 Days of Grace is to speed up the ascension process. 

  • Session Two: F’U Ritual/ROAR! (Individual Private Session)

In 2010, I wrote a powerful essay titled ROAR! which went viral when I shared it on social media. From this article, I developed an empowering ritual of tearing down barriers and setting healthy boundaries. Since then, this has evolved into the F'U ritual. Ultimately, the combination of both is designed to help you Take Your Power Back. This ritual will be a private session. If you would like to share the space with another member over Zoom, please let me know. 

  • Session Three: Claiming the Matriarch Within (Individual Private Session)

A few years ago, I began to guide women through a strong, powerful ritual to help them claim the reign of the Matriarch within their immediate and extended family.  As the woman anchors in the Matriarchal role, the energetic result is a calming down and healing of lost souls within the family dynamics. This ritual can be done even if there is a Matriarch currently living. This ritual will be a private session. If you would like to share the space with another member over Zoom, please let me know.

  • Session Four: Heart Centered Ritual (Group Session)

This is by far, one of my most popular, life-affirming and life-changing rituals. Created in 2014 when I was confused and didn’t know what to do with my life and who I was inside of it. This is a multi-step process, where we take our mental needs, wants, and desires, pull them down into our truth center and dissect them within our heart center. When we are done, you will have a clear understanding of what your heart wants and who you really are. This ritual is easily done within a group over Zoom.

  • Session Five: Beyond Forgiveness, 3 Levels of LOVE (Group Session)

As we ascend into our higher Grace centers, we realize the need for forgiveness changes. I will share my personal story of how I was guided by Spirit to take forgiveness to the next level and in doing so, healed my trauma. This ritual will guide you beyond forgiveness, where we will learn to love those whom society teaches us to hate. But first, we must understand that there are three levels of love.

  • Session Six: Be the Cause of a Miracle (Group Session)

Once we have ascended into our higher Grace centers, we will learn that miracles are real. We can be the cause for a miracle to take place in ourselves and to help others. During this ritual, I will guide you through the process of telepathically clearing out the Grace centers of another, focusing on their issue and using the energy of Grace to support their healing.

  • Session Seven: Becoming a Vessel for Grace (Group Session)

In this last ritual, we will do one final clearing of any dark matter and anchors that may hold us to our past and from ascending to the next level. I will then guide you to become a vital vessel for the entity of Grace. You will meet her legion of angels and learn how to utilize their power. You learn to become the observer and not be triggered as easily by things from your past. You will become a Divine representative, helping to bring heaven down to earth when the world needs this the most. 

What to expect:

Registration Details

To learn more contact

$777 7-Days, 7-Weeks, 7-Rituals

Make your payment via Venmo to @cinda-lonsway.


Other forms of payment can be made upon request.

Presented and hosted through new72media.

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